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Some highlights:

Posts are circulating amongst the creative Facebook groups that Adobe CC have added a free 60 day option to their subscription package if you go through the cancellation policy. There isn’t an official statement from Adobe but one fb group member said: ‘Make sure you go past the cancellation fee page and it takes you to the 2 months free offer to stay with them.’ – to which dozens of replies from Indie Rollers thanked the OP for saving them £££s, although some found they couldn’t get it to work with their subscription option. Worth a try!

Update: If you get on chat to Adobe – they will wipe 3 months payments as part of their small biz support.


Crowdfunder, the online fundraising platform, have partnered up with Enterprise Nation to offer 100% free fundraising for your business. They say: ‘We must all look at what we can do to support each other. As COVID-19 spreads in the UK, and we begin spending more time in doors, we are inevitably spending less money with small businesses. This is a challenge as these businesses need a regular flow of cash to pay salaries or rent, for example.’  They are are offering this service 100% free – so every penny you raise will go to you. This has been set-up very quickly in response to this growing crisis, so please bear with them and forgive them if you see any references to fees throughout the set-up process. Any fees do not apply, that’s their guarantee.  More info HERE.


Since many of us are now stuck at home, the podcasting platform Zencastr has removed the limits on their free package so during this time podcasters can record as much as they want. If you’ve been wanting to start a podcast – now is the time. They say: ‘We want to help. That’s why, starting immediately, there will be no limits on recording hours or participants for Hobbyist users. We’ll keep this in effect through July 1, 2020. We hope this brightens your days, and helps you continue to record and connect with others as much as possible even though you may be stuck indoors.’ Get podcasting HERE.

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