A group of art technicians and artists have set up an online auction to raise fund for an Art Technician Emergency Fund – the auction starts on the 15th of April, with over 40 pieces of donated artwork. From them:

A fund to support UK art technicians who have lost their livelihoods due to Covid-19 by fundraising through a silent auction of donated artworks.

Art Technicians are the back-bone of the art and museum world. They love their work, and most go above and beyond for the artists and institutions they work for. Right now, they need assistance to alleviate some of the financial struggle art technicians are and will face in the coming months.

To do this, we are asking you to contribute to the Art Technician Emergency Fund by bidding on one of our beautiful artworks. All artworks have been donated by artists who we have supported over the years through our work, now kindly offering their support in return.

This is how we will distribute the fund:

Once the auction has closed all those who signed up to the fund will be required to confirm they still require financial aid. We will aim to check as far as we can to assess the real need of people signed up to the fund, but overall we will have to rely on honest declaration of need. The full sum of any  money raised will then be distributed equally between all qualifying individuals signed up to the fund.

 If you want to contribute, but not take part in the auction, you can also DONATE to our fund – please use the DONATE button on the top of our page.

If you have an artwork you would like to donate (we’re always accepting submissions), need access to the fund or would like more information please contact us on arttechemergencyfund@gmail.com 

Now, please browse our beautiful collection of artworks from our artist friends, employers and clients. Bid for as many artworks as you like – your support is greatly appreciated.

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