Contemporary Art Society and Frieze London has launched a fundraising campaign for a Rapid Response Fund to buy work by UK-Based artists and donated to local museums and galleries across the country – there’s a very interesting emphasis on local. And this is a great idea – benefiting artists, museums and local community. The crowdfunding campaign is on top of the £100,000 already raised – aiming for £80,000, ends on the 10th of June.

It’s unclear (as of now) how the artwork will be selected and which museums they will be supporting.

Among the rewards are some exclusive artist-design facemasks – £35 for a David Shrigley? Why not.

Some of the rewards are also fascinating to see: £1,000 or more – Become part of our Rapid Response Circle: You will be invited to our annual Holiday Event, as well as your name being inscribed on our donor wall and included in our Annual Report as a thank you for your support.

From CAS & Frieze:

The CAS Rapid Response Fund, in partnership with Frieze London, will be used to buy artworks by UK-based artists and donated to local museums and galleries across the country, who will use these works to welcome back their communities as lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on creative communities nationwide. By buying work from artists, we don’t just support the individual but the whole artist community, the technicians, the art handlers, the small galleries that do so much to support younger artists in turn.

We also want to support museums in their place at the heart of communities. All indications are that museums will be among the first institutions to re-open as the lockdown rules are relaxed. Unlike cinemas, theatres and football stadiums, people can visit a museum and continue to observe the social distancing rules.

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