In light of the financial uncertainty many artists will face, we have decided to revise our awards and commissions programme.

Any member experiencing financial hardship is eligible to apply. We won’t ask you to explain why, but please apply only if you need the money. This is for members that are facing significant financial hardship and who are unable to work, disabled, a carer, on low income or freelance.

We will do our utmost to support vulnerable artists during this challenging period and take your input into consideration on how best to act. We will post where to apply within the next few days, and we ensure that our members will be the first to know.

How much is available?

In this first phase we are making a fund of £5,000 available. We are thinking of 50 x £100 awards decided on a lottery basis (this is how we have run a similar initiative in the past).

Any member in receipt of this award won’t have to repay any money.

Applying to this Hardship Fund is by no means shameful or embarrassing, and is simply our way to try and offer those in need of support at a difficult time.

Our intention is to make them available in the next few days. We will share the news with our members first.

Let us know what you think

We are looking at other ways to offer support to members during this difficult and unprecedented period. As a charity we have to come to terms with a new ways of working in these uncertain times, so please be patient with us.

We are open to suggestions about how else we could run the Hardship Fund or if you have any other suggestions on how to support each other please get in touch via or fill out this short survey we have created here > 

Stay safe and well.



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