Intern – ‘A platform for and by the creative youth, empowering the next generation through content, support and training’ – has launched a mentoring scheme and also have started a weekly live broadcast on IGTV for creatives called Extracurricular – 1pm every Wednesday.

From them:

The nature of these hour-long programmes will change depending on the feedback and questions we get from you, our community, but each week, we’ll be joined by one of our amazing network of creative professionals, educators, and current students to discuss various aspects of the coming weeks and months.

For many of you, degree shows have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed. In a lot of cases your plans for final major projects, or at the very least the production and documentation have been severely disrupted and in most cases, there’s huge concern about how this will all impact job prospects in an already tough industry to crack.

We aim to discuss and unpick all of that over the coming weeks and will try to find the perfect guests to share insight and ideas with you, answering your questions as we go.

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