Open IDEO has started a challenge to find communication solutions for COVID-19 – anyone can participate and share their experience:

Let’s share our experiences around COVID-19 information to inspire global leaders.

COVID-19 is impacting and reshaping daily life for everyone around the globe. We invite anyone to participate and share your experience and learnings—every insight is valuable to sharpening our thinking.

While we hope to build solutions together soon, at this moment we ask only for you to share your experience regarding information and inspiration you have seen around the COVID-19 outbreak that has helped you change your behavior and make new decisions.


IDEO is currently coordinating with global response authorities who want to make sure people have actionable, relevant information around COVID-19. We’d like to share a range of experiences from around the world with them, showing how people are accessing information: What’s working well to motivate behavior change, what isn’t working, and what feels missing.

  • As with many other aspects of COVID-19 response, we need to move quickly so this information can be synthesized and shared back with world leaders. Please submit your post by 11:30pm PST on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

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