Rainy Day Trust: the charity for home improvement and home enhancement industry, has always been supporting those working in the industry with crisis funds. This includes pottery and glass – as well as the retailers of them. From Rainy Day Trust:

There are a number of companies you may have worked for which would qualify you for help from Rainy Day Trust.

Builders Merchants, Cookshops, DIY shops and outlets, hardware stores, garden centres are all eligible. As well as retailers, people who have worked for manufacturers and distributors and worked in the pottery and glass industry are also eligible.  Either you or your partner can have worked in the industry, and you or they should have worked in any part of that industry for 1 year.  This must be for one company.  Don’t forget we target our help at those on lower incomes, generally less than £20,000 per year, but it can vary slightly depending on where you live. Our emergency winter fuel payment has a higher limit as we recognise that heating your home in winter can be a huge financial drain for everyone.

Thanks to Sea Tree for sharing this with us.


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