PSA, the trade association for companies and individuals involved in the live event production industry, has a great Welfare and Benevolent Fund that’s available for members and also previous members.

From PSA:

If disaster should strike – in particular, an injury or illness that prevents you working or forces an unplanned change of career – it’s good to know that emergency help may be at hand.

Depending on your circumstances, Stagehand may be able to offer you a small grant to help tide you over, or to help with re-training. It is not, of course, designed to be a substitute for insurance cover.

Who is the fund designed to benefit?

The objects of the Fund are officially:

  • To provide financial relief in cases of need, hardship or distress to people who are, or have been, members of the PSA, and their dependants.
  • Other charitable purposes for the general benefit of the public as the Trustees think fit. The Fund does not set out to be a ‘hotel of last resort’ for the ill-prepared. It aims to encourage everybody working in this industry, both within and outside the PSA, to take responsibility for themselves, or their employees, by researching the options and making the appropriate provision against losing the ability to maintain income levels through accident or illness. The Fund is not designed to provide a substitute for adequate professional and personal insurance.

In genuine cases of hardship, the Fund may provide small grants for emergency relief. The Fund also aims to support any training and re-training which may be advisable as a result of accident or illness. It would do this by means of small scholarships and bursaries for approved vocational training courses.

How do I know if I can qualify for an award?

If you are or have been a member of the PSA, and are now unable to work because of an accident or unforeseen illness, you or an immediate dependant can apply.

Grants are made at the discretion of the Trustees, subject to completion of the application form.

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