From Nick – a playwright in Toronto, Canada.

Hi! My name’s Nick. I’m a playwright in Toronto. On Friday March 13, I became one of many artists to have a production cancelled due to the need for social distancing because of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This is a site for celebrating artists and the work that has been cancelled/delayed/disrupted. So far, submissions have included clips from rehearsals, scenes done with cast-mates over webcam, recordings from previous workshops, design plans, and performers just doing the song they were really excited about singing into their webcam. It doesn’t need to be anything formal or polished!

Me and some incredible artists with Theatre Sheridan have been collecting work to put up on the site, and will be launching a TON of content on Saturday, and then updating regularly.

In the meantime, our Live Streamed Events page is being updated regularly, and I’ll be featuring work throughout the week, as you can see below and on our Feature Work page!

Please go to the Submit section of the site to send something to be included!

This is a chance to celebrate the work that you didn’t get to share, and enjoy a sense of solidarity and community with fellow artists!!!

Keep engaged! Keep creating! You aren’t alone!

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